Imagine if everyone in the world could sit around the table and just be…
That’s the vision of Transformation Table.

Community members are opening their homes to break bread, share stories, and find that real connection we all crave.

Nothing brings people together like sharing a meal. And when we create space for connection between strangers, we slow down and see each other as individuals. The barriers, labels, stereotypes, preconceived ideas, and assumptions we often make about each other begin to disappear and we can move into celebrating both our diversity and our common humanity.

Transformation Table is more than just a meal: it’s part discussion group, cultural learning, culinary adventure, all while deepening your connection to your community one person at a time. You will not find an experience like this in any restaurant in Charleston!

Move into celebrating both our diversity and our common humanity.

Get Involved

Host a Dinner

Be the change you want in your community - let your home become a sacred space for an evening, where people come together for meaningful conversation, eat great food, and laughter.

Attend a Dinner

Join us for a Transformation Table dinner! All you need to bring is an open heart and mind, and a sincere desire to connect.


The food makes the evening! As our chef, you get to showcase your unique food style, setting the stage for an amazing dining experience for everyone who attends.

Meet Tina

Founder of Transformation Table, aspiring farmer, culinary instructor, writer, TEDx speaker. 

My life is a story of going beyond superficial differences that often separates people and discovering the deep human connection we all share.

It begins with a childhood as a military brat…

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