It’s simple: A local home. Ten people. A chef.


Food is the great connector

It’s all about the food! Transformation Table recruits diverse local chefs and amazing home cooks to prepare sumptuous 3-4 course meals using locally sourced ingredients. The chefs who cook for Transformation Table are as diverse as the people at the table, and we consciously select home cooks and chefs who make foods you wouldn’t typically have when you go out for an evening.


Connection, Connection, Connection

The cornerstone of Transformation Table is to bring people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives from the community together. The requirement to attend a Transformation Table dinner? An open heart and mind. Dinners are limited to 10 guests to ensure maximum conversation and connection. We personally select each guest to ensure the environment is diverse and the experience is one you wouldn’t get with people you’d normally hang out with.


Intimate, home-based

Local residents host dinner in their home (called “Home Hosts”), and are co-hosts with Transformation Table. The “home host” is responsible for opening their home to the dinner guests, while TT takes care of everything else! E.g. engaging the chef, who brings everything needed to prepare the meal, providing all dining supplies including tablecloth, napkins, cutlery, glassware, dishes, centerpiece and candles for the dinner. Home hosts are recruited mainly through word of mouth, and via requests posted on the Transformation Table Facebook page. Our previous hosts and their testimonials tend to be our biggest ambassadors.


Dinners are held monthly

Dinners are scheduled 3 months in advance, and are usually held on the second Saturday of each month, starting at 5:30pm. They typically last about 3 hours (it’s all that great conversation)!


Dinners are $65 per person and include all courses and beverages. As a thank you for hosting, Home Hosts eat free at the dinner they host. If the home hosts are a couple, only one pays.


Transformation Table strives to create meaningful change in the world, and in the community. With each dinner you attend, ten percent/a portion of the proceeds from each dinner will be saved and given to a donated to a local organization. We are all in this together. What affects one, affects the other.

Get Involved

Host a Dinner

Be the change you want in your community - let your home become a sacred space for an evening, where people come together for meaningful conversation, eat great food, and laughter.

Attend a Dinner

Join us for a Transformation Table dinner! All you need to bring is an open heart and mind, and a sincere desire to connect.


The food makes the evening! As our chef, you get to showcase your unique food style, setting the stage for an amazing dining experience for everyone who attends.


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